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Instruction for Polyester splint

  Polyester splint consists of the upper and lower side of the non-woven fabrics and intermediate multilayer knitted polyester fabric that impregnated with a water-activated polyurethane resin. Polyurethane adhesive made of polyurethane, polyether diols and polyether triols etc. The product has these distinctive features: medium strength, shaping good, light weight, short hardening time, good air permeability, good X-ray translucency, easy operation, dismantling simple and so on. It applies to fixing and supporting the fracture site and the injured joints .It is ideal and upgrade product substitute for traditional plaster bandages.
Application Methods:
  1.Choose appropriate size according to the injured area.
  2.After opening the pouch(Long roll type of splint cut the appropriate length as needed and immediately seal the end of the splint with a special clip), immerse the splint in room temperature water (21~24℃) for 4-6 seconds and squeeze it 2-3 times to make it fully saturated.
  3.After taking out the splint from water, squeeze or use dry towel to remove the redundant water.
  4.Put the splint on the parts that needs fixing, and wrap it with common gauze bandage or elastic bandage. To maintain proper tension is very important. If it is too tight, the blood circulation of the affected region will be disturbed; if it is too loose, the treatment effect will be affected.
  5.The splint can be molded after wrapping to make sure close fit with limbs.
  6.The operation time is generally within 3 minutes. Setting time is about 3-5 minutes and achieves functional strength in 30 minutes. Make sure the patient not to move the affected region before the product is fully hardened.
  7.Just cut the gauze bandage or elastic bandage, the splint will be dismantled.
  ◎After opening the package should be used immediately. Long roll type of splint cut the appropriate length as needed and immediately seal the end of the splint with a special clip to prevent splint in air become harden
  ◎Water soaking time and water temperature directly affect the curing time so doctors should be adjust according to the actual situation.
  ◎This product uses sealed packaging, transportation and storage can’t leak. Before the opening should confirm the product that is harden or not .It can’t use when it becomes harden.
  ◎The application of the splint must be under the operation or direction of the qualified doctor.
  Storage conditions:
  The product should be stored in a ventilated place at 15~30℃ and under 60% RH. The product should be inverted every half year.
  Production date, expiry date: Production date refers to product packaging and it should be used in the period of validity. The shelf life is three years.
  After Sales Service Commitment: Such as product hardening due to quality problems, can be replaced of the same size by local distributors.



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