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 Brief description  
1. Brand new substitute of traditional plaster bandage/P.O.P bandage.
2. It is mainly used for the external fixation of fracture or sprain to make the bone heal in orthopedics, plastic surgery and general surgery. 
3. Have been obtained the certificates of ISO9001, ISO13485, CE, and FDA
4. Be made of several layers' fiberglass fabric daubed polyurethane adhesive and inside and outside interlining fabric by special craft. It is very light and convenient. The inside interlining fabric is air-permeability and bacteriostasis, and outside interlining fabric suck water well to make the splint water-activated thoroughly and solidified in short time utterly.
5. It can be water-activated to use just with home temperature.
6. It can be removed with common scissors
7. Achieve the perfect unity of easy operation of doctor and lightness and portability of patient.

1. Firmness: It is over five times hardness than plaster splint and effective to protect injured part of body.

2. Lightness: It is only one five of weight and one third of thickness of traditional plaster splint, and can reduce the moving burden of body to great extent.

3. Air-permeability: Its fabric which has a lot of mini holes is good air- permeability to protective the skin from itchy skin, awful odor, infection.

4. X-ray radiolucency: The doctor can directly observe the degree of injured bone healing clearly to guarantee without remove polyester splint.

5. Easy operation: Operation can be finished in three minutes in home temperature without heating installation. It can be removed just to use common scissors.


1. Select the different size according to different part of body without wearing glove for doctors

2. After opening the package soak the splint in home temperature(21℃-24℃) water for 4-6 second and squeeze it 2-3 times to make the outer interlining soak water enough.
3. Squeeze the excess water or remove it with towel.
4. Let the inner side interlining fabric cling to firming part with soft cast or medical gauze to twine according to your need to moulding.
5. Solidify in 3 minutes and bear weight in 30 minutes.

6. Generally the operation will be finished in 3 minutes.

SF312 7.5cm×30cm 20bags×6boxes/carton Forearm
SF335 7.5cm×90cm 10bags×6boxes/carton whole arm
SF415    10cm×40cm 20bags×6boxes/carton Forearm
SF420 10cm×50cm 10bags×6boxes/carton Forearm
SF430 10cm×76cm 10bags×6boxes/carton Calf or whole arm
SF520 12.5cm×50cm 10bags×6boxes/carton Calf
SF530 12.5cm×76cm 10bags×6boxes/carton Calf
SF545 12.5cm×115cm 5 bags×6boxes/carton Whole leg
SF630 15cm×76cm  10bags×6boxes/carton Calf
SF645 15cm×115cm 5 bags×6boxes/carton Whole leg

1. Splint solidified time is affected directly by water-soaked time and water temperature, so doctor can adjust them in light of their need.
2. It should be used before the expiration day based on the date of manufacture and validity on the package.
3. For adopting sealed package it can't be broken to air leakage at transportation and storage. Before using it you should check whether it hardened. If it hardened please don't use it.
4. If you have any question, please feel free to tell us or our agent in time.



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