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      The light net polyester bandage is upgrade product of regular polyester bandage. In accordance with the standard for registration  (eg: compressive strength, curing time, the exothermic temperature) and clinical use required targets (such as weight, elasticity, air permeability), we perform a performance test of the four kinds of  polyester bandage and the test results are as follows:

We pursuit of weight as light as possible in clinical use and it  would minimize the patient's sense of weight bearing.
Including compressive strength, toughness and impact force, the three indicators should be taken into account. Under the premise of compressive strength met or exceeded the standards for registration and guaranteed a fixed treatment effect, we should take into account the ease of the demolition. The intensity is too high and the demolition will be very difficult.

 Setting time
It is related with the high or low temperature , soaking time and Pressing times. 3-5 minutes begin to cure in general water temperature 20-30 ℃ , and it will take 10 minutes to complete the initial curing. If water temperature is low, soaking time is short so the curing speed is slow; If water temperature is high , soaking time is long, curing speed is fast. The water temperature should not be too low or too high. According to proficiency, length of operation time, doctors adjust themselves the water temperature and soaking time to select the appropriate curing speed.

 The exothermic temperature

Product curing, polyurethane adhesive reacts with water to produce a certain amount of heat. Exothermic temperature is too high, the patient may have a burning sensation. Exotherm temperature should be below 45 ℃.

High and low elasticity determines the degree of shaping that is good or bad. The general requirements for flexibility is 10-20% to ensure closely fit the limb in the joints and other irregular parts in order to avoid reduction lost or secondary shift. If the elasticity is low or inelastic and shaping effect is bad , it is easy to bring about wrinkles which injured patients in joints parts to. If the elasticity is too large and easy to overwind so that affect the blood circulation of the limbs.

The product is more breathable and more better in clinical use. It  can effectively prevent the affected areas of skin itching, odor and infection.


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